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MOM is a one-woman show for adults that addresses the doubts about motherhood in the 21st century.

In MOM we follow the journey of a woman between her 30s and 40s, when her desire and dream of becoming a mother collide with the challenges that reality presents to her. Once the fantasy is crumbled, she starts to question the role she is supposed to play versus what she really wants to pursue in her life. How will she overcome this drama and make her choices?

MOM picture by Pilar Salerno (26).JPG

This original piece of work mixes poetry and reality, diversity and individuality, and a light sense of humor, to bring up the question that not every woman has the courage to ask herself: “Do I really want to be a mother?”.

MOM picture by Pilar Salerno (18).JPG

Most of the time an artistic experience ends when we leave the theatrical room. In MOM we want to stay a bit longer with the audience. We want to tap into the power of the encounter and promote new networks through a significant topic, especially for women.


Produced by Lusus Theater Company

Acting: Juliana Appel

Directed by: Ana Luiza Ulsig

Direction of Movement: Blanca Pascual

Projection Design: Eva Esmann Behrens

Lighting Design: Sara Balestri

Text: Ana Luiza Ulsig and Juliana Appel

Original music: Pernille Karlsen (Penny Flow)

Pictures: Pilar Salerno

Contributions in the process: Teatro OM - Ringkøbing DK (Artist Residency) and Julia Varley - Odin Theatre (Mentorship).

Supporters:  NORDEA Fonden, Aarhus Kommune 

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