16 & 17/08

Find your own Clown

Transform the fear of falling into the pleasure of playing and discover your clown.
The goal of this workshop is to communicate with your whole body. This is the clown world. When body language is clear, words are unnecessary. How much do you know about your body language? In this workshop, you can explore new possibilities of communication and give space to overcome fears and language barriers by letting the body speak.

30 & 31/08 

Awareness and Presence

In this workshop, the focus will be on how to have body awareness and thus generate presence in any activity you are going to do.

Start 06/09

Improv Class for Everyone

Improv is about working together as a team to create something out of nothing. Improv is for everyone, as it is about having fun and improvising as a person!

The classes consist of different exercises of warming up, storytelling, listening, building narrative and other FUNdamentals.

Start 11/10

Acting for Fun

Theatre games bring benefits not only for actors but for everyone who experiment it. Perceiving your body in space, listening to each other, working as a team is some of the benefits that a person can acquire participating in an acting workshop.