Start 06/04

Acting for Fun

Theatre games bring benefits not only for actors but for everyone who experiment it. Perceiving your body in space, listening to each other, working as a team is some of the benefits that a person can acquire participating in an acting workshop.

Start 19/04

'Re-play Reality' - workshop

Would you like to relate to others in a new and more profound way?

In Augusto Boal's method “Theater of the Oppressed” real situations and conflicts are brought into play.

28 & 29/05 

Creative Lab

Creative Lab is a two-day creative process workshop designed for actors/artists who wish to produce their own original material, for individual or collective purposes. By the end of the workshop, you will have enough material in hand to start developing your own project.

Viewpoints and Composition

This 2-day workshop is for anyone with an interest in acting, movement, listening with the entire body and exploring your creativity on the floor with a group of "actors"/fellow participants.

Coming soon!