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What makes an actor, storyteller, presenter, and/or speaker successful on stage?
The answer may lie in the way he connects with the audience, creating what Lecoq and Gaulier called 'Complicité' - meaning the mutual connection between actor and actor, and actor and audience. In order to build this complicity with the public, the actor needs to be safe, but this is not always what happens. Fear of failure, nervousness, and even inexperience can lead to you being unable to create that connection.
In the Presence and Creativity workshop, we will use Feldenkrais Method exercises and Viewpoints. The first takes the student to self-discovery through slow and subtle movements, while the Viewpoints encourage listening to everything around them and how this influences their own action. The combination of these two techniques aims to connect the participants deeply with themselves, generating security and therefore the ease and openness to connect with other players and the public. Creativity is a plus that happens when the player is sure of himself, as judgments and prejudices are put aside and attention is directed to the present moment.
This workshop, although centered on the actor's work, is recommended for all those who wish to develop their presence and creativity.
Target Audience: Actors, dancers, storytellers, writers, illustrators, visual artists, and curious people.
Above 16 years.


Duration: 3 to 8 hours 

Investment: 1500 DKK first hour + 1000 DKK additional hours.

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