Our workshops:

* Storytelling workshop

Do you want to be memorable? Tell a story! If you want to make people interested in what you say, you need to create an emotional connection with them. Storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with others. We love stories and identify with others through the stories they tell us.

Having a good story is the key to connecting with your audience, but your success doesn't just depend on a good story, you need to know how to tell it. Words are important to communicate, but body language is more powerful than your words.

The main focus of this workshop is to develop your full potential in the art of storytelling and communicating with the public.

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* Acting for Fun

Overcome shyness and fear of public speaking and improve your performance in work, study, and socially. Come and develop your full potential.

Theatre games bring benefits not only for actors but for everyone who experiments it. Perceiving your body in space, listening to each other, working as a team is some of the benefits that a person can acquire participating in an acting workshop. More information here

* View Point and Suzuki

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* Buffon

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