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What is Cabaret Baubo?

Forget what you think you know about cabaret. It's not only Liza Minelli, sexy long legs, mini skirts, and smoky underground spaces in Berlin before the war. Well, it can be that, too, but after all, cabaret is more than that - it's a framework. And you are invited to participate in shaping, reinventing, and discovering what this one could be.

What are we looking for?

Acts/performances/numbers from 10 seconds up to 10 minutes maximum that you feel can fit in this framework. 

We aim to have a fun and provocative show, a space for new and established performers. If you wish to experiment / try new ideas / promote your work / or just really need to get their ass up on a stage; you’re in the right place. 


How to participate?

Fill up the form. Write about your idea or send a short video telling us about you and your performance. 

If you have any visual material (photos/videos) of your scene, please send it as well. 

If this is a new act/idea that you would like to create especially for the occasion, send us as many references about it as you can. 

Some things to bear in mind about your proposal for the application:

1) It doesn't need to be finished

2) You can come up with an idea and we can help you develop it

3) It can also be something you've performed many times and want to do again

4) It doesn't need to be funny. Or serious, or tragic. It is, above all, YOUR expression

5) Mainly, if you want to participate but are still not sure of what and how to do it, contact us (before the deadline), and let's start a dialogue. In case your participation is confirmed, we can offer two sessions of external consultancy. 

Selection Criteria: 

To select the numbers, Lusus Theatre committee will gather around a big round table with wine and tarot cards. Wish us luck!

(Oh, and you must be 18+)


Conditions: This is a self-funded project, and therefore we are not able to pay a salary to which one of you amazing performers. However, we will charge for tickets to cover expenses, and if we make a profit, that will be shared among the artists. You will also get a free ticket for one of your guests. 


Who are we: We are a collective of international and Danish artists doing art in Aarhus. 


If you have any questions about your application, please write to You can add your phone number and we will call you. 

Don’t be shy. Come out of this box and into our cabaret!!!

If you are interested in applying, send us an email to and we will notify you when we hold the next open call.

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