Coema - a brazilian fairytale

How many stories do you need in order to survive?  
How many stories live inside you? 
An actress and an accordionist have a story to tell us about choices. 
In this story within a story, magic powers, witches and fantastic beings come together to question what we are searching in life and what we can make out of it. 
There is no right answer; the only certainty is that with each choice there comes a loss. 

45 min

+ 6 years old

8,000 DKK

*we have refusion


Fairy tales, short tales, fables, legends that are told in English, Spanish or Portuguese. We tell the story you want to hear. We make presentations at Universities, Schools, private parties, art gallery and much more.

Magic Box

The Magic Box is an intimate performance where the participants are invited to look back for old stories.

The meeting, which lasts about 15 minutes,

takes place between two people, one of whom is the storyteller who opens his box and takes out objects, telling something about them in order to arouse in the viewer the desire to tell something.

The viewer is invited to share his memories.

We want to arouse curiosity and also memories. Participants will be the authors of these discoveries, they will be able to tell us their story and we will be ready to listen.

* for more information contact us.