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"In the midst of depression, appears Baubo, the Greek Goddess of sacred sexuality and the full belly laugh.

She will shake up our very worlds, whilst wiggling her hips and dangling her breasts in front of our faces."

Baubo is the goddess of Belly Laughter from Greek mythology and the inspiration for our Cabaret.

In March 2022, we premiered "Cabaret Baubo," a spectacular show featuring a diverse group of performers in Aarhus. The response was overwhelming, with a sold-out premiere two weeks in advance. Heartwarming stories of resilience and self-discovery unfolded discreetly each day. In December 2022, "Cabaret Baubo - Belly Laughs and Dangling Bells" graced the stage at Teatret Svalegangen, followed by two more shows at Institut for X.


In 2023, our artistic residency journey led us to the UAC Art Platform in the K area, where we explored partnerships and charted the future of Cabaret Baubo. A week-long workshop at Veram Verstas in Finland was a pivotal experience. Now, it's time to share the magic in Aarhus.


         What to expect in our workshop?
Theater games, contagious belly laughter, inspiration, and a chance to express yourself freely.

        How to participate?
Secure your spot with a 100 kr. fee via Mobilepay (0851PD) until 02/12; thereafter, it's 120 kr.
Become a Lusus member and gain access not only to this workshop but also to our weekly Feldenkrais lessons.

Learn more HERE.

 Together with the payment add your Name + Baubo

 Only 15 spots available! Don't miss out on this enchanting experience. See you there!

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