About us



    Juliana Appel  - Actress, storyteller and drama teacher. Graduated in Art Education in Brazil. She did her physical theater training at The Commedia School in Denmark. She has been working as a drama teacher since 2000. In 2013, she began her acting career and created the theater group Mona Lisa Teatro y Narración during her period in Argentina. Since 2017 she works on the process of creating the play COEMA.


    Jon Bendixen - Bachelor in rhythmic music and movement at the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus. During his period of studies, he received prizes from the Danish Art Fund for "Remarkable release" and "Upcoming artist of the year". His main instruments: Piano, synthesizer & accordion.


    Ofer Ravid  - Has over 16 years of experience as a theatre director, performer, teacher, and researcher internationally. His expertise includes devising, physical acting, Viewpoints and Suzuki, among other things. Ofer is former artistic and pedagogical director of Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Jerusalem and holds a Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies from York University in Toronto, Canada.


    And together, since January 2018, we are working with the theatre play COEMA.