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Lusus Theatre arises from collaborative artistic processes, with cultural diversity as its core.


With both Danish and international artists, the group aims to create and develop a space where stage art shortens gaps, builds bridges, and expands communication, bringing a sense of belonging for its members and its audience.

Lusus Theatre aims to create original, relevant and significant work that emerges from the intercultural context of contemporary life.

Lusus means playfulness in Latin and it is what we believe in and practice in our creative process and onstage. 


The Three Travellers Sisters - interactive performance for all ages - Festuge/22



The Three Travelling Sisters

The Three Travelling Sisters invite you to go on a magical journey with them. They have been traveling for as long as they can remember, collecting and inventing stories throughout time and space.

Contact us for more information.

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Basic Acting for Fun:

14/02 - 28/03/2023  


Acting for Fun 2 - Theatre PRODUCTION: 02/02 - 01/04/2023

Explore your creative, expressive and communicative skills through theater practice.

Who We Are

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Juliana Appel

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Actress and Storyteller, she graduated in Art Education in Brazil and did her physical theater training at The Commedia School in Denmark


Jon Døssing Bendixen

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Bachelor in rhythmic music and movement at the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus. His main instruments: Piano, synthesizer & accordion


Ana Luiza Ulsig

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Aarhus born, Rio de Janeiro raised, Ana has over 20 years of professional experience in theatre.  Master Degree from Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance’s 
Master program in Actor & Performer Training (2018, London, UK)

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Ofer Ravid

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With more than 16 years of experience as a theatre director, performer, teacher, and researcher internationally. His expertise includes devising, physical acting, Viewpoints and Suzuki, among other things.


Blanca Pascual

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Spanish movement expert, former assistant director and performer at La Fura dels Baus, she has worked in large and small theatre and dance productions, as well as cinema, short films and advertising spots.


Anekke Hoffmann

German design artist, Anneke is a Cultural Scientist with the focus on film and theatre, she has a B.A. in Drama and Film Studies at the University of Exeter, England


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